A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions as stipulated in Volume 1, Articles and Annexures and Division 1 of the specifications Sections shall apply to this section.


A. This section includes the following types of access panels:

1. Wall access panels.
a. Access Panels for Ceramic Tiled Walls - Hinged
b. Access Panels for Ceramic Tiled Walls - Removable door
c. Access Panels for Marbled Walls
d. Access Panels for Plastered Walls
e. Access Panels with Flush painted finish
f. Access Panels with Fire rated construction - Recessed type
g. Access Panels with Fire rated construction - Flush type

Ceiling access panels.
a. Access Panels for Gypsum board ceilings
b. Access Panels for Gypsum board ceiling with Fire rated construction
c. Access Panels for Metal Grid Ceilings
d. Access Panels for Gypsum Grid Ceilings

Access Hatches
a. Roof Hatch - Steel
b. Roof Hatch - Aluminium
c. Roof hatch - Stainless Steel
d. Floor Hatch - Flush Finish (Aluminium / Steel)
e. Floor Hatch - Recessed Type (Aluminium / Steel)

B. Related sections : The following Sections contain requirements that relate to this Section.

1. Division 4 Sections for building in anchors and grouting frames set in masonry construction.
2. Division 8 Section " Door Hardware" for mortise or rim cylinder locks.
3. Division 9 Section " Gypsum Board Assemblies" for gypsum board ceilings.
4. Division 9 Section "Tile" for ceramic tile walls.
5. Division 15 Section "Duct Accessories" for duct access doors.


A. General : Submit each item in this Article according to the Conditions of Contract as stipulated in Volume 1 Article and Annexures and Division 1 Specification Sections.

B. Product data for each type of access panel assembly specified, including details of construction relative to materials, individual components, profiles, finishes, and fire-protection ratings (if required). Include complete schedule, including types, general locations, sizes, wall and ceiling construction details, latching or locking provisions, and other data pertinent to installation.

C. Shop drawings showing fabrication and installation of customized access panels and frames, including details of each frame type, elevations of door design types, anchorage, and accessory items.

D. Samples, 75-mm by 125-mm minimum size, of each panel face material showing factory- finished color and texture.


A. Single-Source Responsibility : Obtain access panels for entire Project from one source and by a single manufacturer.

B. Size Variations : Obtain Architect’s acceptance of manufacturer’s standard size units, which may vary slightly from sizes indicated.


A. Verification : Determine specific locations and sizes for access doors needed to gain access to concealed equipment, and indicate on schedule specified under “ Submittals “ Article.



A. Manufacturers : Subject to compliance with requirements, provide the products supplied by appropriate Subcontractors / Vendors. Approved brand - RYANAX® manufactured by Al Raien Metallic Const. Ind. LLC, P.O.Box 40324, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Tel : +971.6.542.3638 Fax : +971.6.542.1646


A. Zinc-Coated Steel Sheet : ASTM A 591 (ASTM A 591M), Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet with Class C coating and phosphate treatment to prepare surface for painting.

B. Aluminium : Sheets of grade AA1100 H-14 or equivalent.

C. Stainless Steel : ASTM A276, Type 316L stainless steel.


A. General : Manufacture each access door assembly as an integral unit ready for installation.

B. Access Doors and Frames : Welded construction. Grind welds smooth and flush with adjacent surfaces. Furnish attachment devices and fasteners of type required to secure access panels to types of supports indicated.

  1. Exposed Flange : Nominal (25.4 to 38.1mm)wide around perimeter of frame.
  2. For gypsum board assemblies or gypsum veneer plaster, furnish frames with edge trim for gypsum board or gypsum base.
  3. For full-bed plaster applications, furnish frames with galvanized perforated flange, welded to perimeter of frame.
  4. For installation in masonry construction, furnish frames with metal masonry anchors.

Locking Devices : Furnish number required to hold door in flush, smooth plane when closed.

  1. For cylinder lock, furnish 2 keys per lock and key all locks alike. For quantities greater than 10 nos., provide master key.
  2. For budget locks, provide access sleeves with caps to close in flush condition for each locking device. Furnish PVC caps and install in holes cut for recessed applications.




A. Advise Installers of other work about specific requirements relating to access door installation, including sizes of openings to receive access door and frame, as well as locations of supports, inserts, and anchoring devices. Furnish inserts and anchoring devices for access doors that must be built into other construction. Coordinate delivery with other work to avoid delay.


A. Comply with manufacturer's instructions for installing access doors.

B. Set frames accurately in position and attach securely to supports with plane of face panels aligned with adjacent finished surfaces.

C. Install concealed frame access doors flush with adjacent finish surfaces.


A. Adjust hardware and panels after installation for proper operation.

B. Remove and replace panels or frames that are wiped, bowed, or otherwise damaged.